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 AudioPassion was created to offer it's customers some of the best Hi-End Audio products making sure the match of the elements of the system are as close to perfection as possible.

Our basic element is the Jean Maurer JM370E exceptional loudspeakers.


Jean Maurer has been creating, building and selling loudspeakers for more than 40 years and, althought the name is well known in Europe, the distribution in the rest of the world has been confidential. The JM 370 E is the top of the line model and the only one we import. The JM370E which is more than 90% built in Aubonne, Switzerland, is a unique domestic loudspeaker : it doesnt need to play very loud to let you hear all the source transmits. All harmonics are present and provide, when properly driven, as much satisfaction as can be. Note that the loudspeakers must be associated to amplifiers that can work with a 3 Ohm impedance…Very few can!

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Matching  loudspeakers and  electronics is, we share Jean Maurer's opinion, the most important element to achieve the musical excellence of serious listening. Experiments have been conducted, over the years, with a number of  amplifiers and preamplifiers.

  • Air Tight ATM-1S :

    This mythical amplifier may take a longer than usual break-in period and a longer lead time to deliver but it has to be one of the finest Japanese Audio electronic component. The match with the JM370E is, as expected, excellent.

  • Resolution Audio Cantata C50:
The C50 is designed for low-powered applications where efficient speakers such as the JM370E  demand the purest electronics. A very quick amplifier that's also a great match with the Jean Maurer speakers


  • Analog : Kuzma / Dynavector / Benedict Audio
    • Audio Passion has chosen the Kuzma Stabi S turntable, with it’s Stogi S arm and  a Dynavector DV20X2L cartridge, preamplified by the Benedict Audio HotHead phono from the UK to be our favoured Analog source. Very detailed but neutral sound. Excellent quality/price ratio. 
  • Digital
    • Integrated Source
    • Transports
      • Mac Mini/Audirvana in integral mode
      • Aqua (Acoustic Quality) La Diva CD Transport. One of the best CD transport in the world
    • DAC
      • Aqua (Acoustic Quality) La Scala MKII D/A converter. John Darko -Digital Audio Review says it's the best DAC he's had in his system (see 6Moons : Srajan Ebaen gives a Blue Moon Award in October 2014; "Puts the analogue back into the D/A converter. Check out the site 
      • Aqua (Acoustic Quality) La Voce D/A converter. Our choice for an affordable DAC. Very musical ladder DAC. Like the more expensive La Scala II, it plays 24bit files and provides an exceptional Value/Price ratio.


  • Interconnects & HP: We have been using copper cables from Audio Sensibility in Toronto for a few years.  Reasonable prices and superior quality
  • Vibex power conditioners have been integrated into our systems. The Spanish firm is not well known in this country but consumers trying them immediately adopt them. Note that only selected conditioners are imported by the Quebec distributor.
  • Oyaide Tsunami power cables and interconnects have gained our highest respect and are also available.

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Audio Passion has partnered with « Les Conceptions Acoustiques Lefebvre Inc. » (CALI) who determined acoustical improvements required to maximize the listening environment.

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