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Audio Passion: Turning a hobby into a business

In 1968, I was a freshman at the University of Sherbrooke where I graduated a few years later with an M. Com degree to enter the real world of business administration. I was then very fortunate to be hired by a large telecommunication organization where I officiated in Québec mainly but also in Ontario and offshore. After 30 years, I had the opportunity to switch to a second career as a consultant. I then participated in the start-up of new cellular companies in Europe and Africa. After a few years of early retirement, the opportunity to have my own business presented itself…

Very early, I knew I loved music : The Beatles, Supertramp, Carly Simon and French «Chansonniers » but also Beethoven, Dvorak & Tchaikovsky. While in Sherbrooke, I became an audiophile. And when I was promoted in 1972, leaving Drummondville for Trois-Rivières, I bought my first « sound system » at Pierre Charest's HiFi shop in Trois-Rivières. An all Bang & Olufsen system :

A Beomaster 3000-2 (the 4000 was too expensive…), the Beogran 3000 turntable with the SP-12 cartridge and Beovox 3702 speakers.  My wife helped a lot with the choice… she’s an interior designer and has seen the 3000-2 at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York.

 In the following years, going up the ladder in work, the children having grown up, I managed to convince the wife that improvements were "essential"…

In came the Linn /Naim British HiEnd : Linn DMS & Sondek; Naim 250/32/Snaps; the QuadESL63, Classe DR8, and Audio Research SP-9A etc,

Also, while offshore, I discovered the exceptional Kenwood L-07D turntable which has been the main source of my system from 1982 on. In the following years i found an purchased the other elements of the Kenwood L-07 series including the original 1m HP cables and 15 m i/c cables and all instruction booklets. My tech, François C. took months to solve the problems of the mono amplifiers and then fully recondition 2 of the 4 L-07M I purchased…we became friends during that period – so many meetings to discuss unsuccessful repairs. But in the end he earned my deep respect for the (shall I say Monk’s) job.

In 2002, I became a member of the Montreal Audio Society (AMA) where I have since, with a bunch of other guys sharing the same passion, discovered a number of Audio components through the generosity of, mainly the greater Montreal Audio dealers, but also manufacturers, who brough the best available gear in the industry.

Earlier this year, one of the AMA members indicated he had lately purchased exceptional Swiss speakers and invited me for a listening session. I was, to say the least, very much impressed by these Jean Maurer 370 E. So much that I couldn’t live without getting my hands on a pair.

Unfortunately Jean Maurer Swissaudio  Products were not available in North America.

They are now.


Claude C.