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Our range of products are based on our 50 years of experience. We know that no component is perfect or, in absolute terms, the best in its class. However matching components from different manufacturers is key. We believe that our offer will satisfy the most demanding expectations of audiophiles and music lovers.

Jean Maurer Swiss Audio Products

Audio Passion was initially created to import and sell Jean Maurer products. More specifically the top of the line JM370E shown here.

Jean Maurer has been creating loudspeakers for more than 40 years but he is almost totally unknown on this side of the Atlantic. Even if you live in Europe, you have to go to Aubonne (the city where he builds his products in Switzerland) to listen and buy his products. He has no distribution network and does not sell through dealers.

The first speakers he made were designated with the suffix « A » and the Jean Maurer models are currently the « E » series. 5 iterations only in so many years. The objective is not to show off but to reach the best a home sound system can be. He creates, develops, builds and sells the speakers in his own facilities in Aubonne. Switzerland. More than 90% of the speaker is made on site. See the Jean Maurer Web site "Nos infrastructures" for pictures and details

The top of the line model is the JM 370 E. This is the model imported to North America by Audio Passion as a result of our discussions with Jean Maurer. More than 1000 JM370E have been sold to date. An exceptional product.

Also important are the HP cables. Jean Maurer has a model that is fabricated for him. Audio Passion makes this cable available for each JM370E sold.


 Air Tight

The Air Tight ATM1S amplifier has been the prime choice of Audio Passion for their top of the line – cost no object - amplifier. The match with the JM370E is, in our view, ideal.

Benedict Audio

Audio Passion is very happy to represent this Dorset, UK, manufacturer. A new company dedicated to phono stages, nothing else. And these are, in our view, exceptional values.  Their philosophy is "Keep it simple" and as a reviewer indicated : "They certainly punch far above their price point".

Resolution Audio
The design is what first makes the Cantata Integrated C50 and Music Center appeal to most. And, fortunately, the performance is up to the look. The C50 is an excellent match with our Jean Maurer loudspeakers.

Digital Sources

Resolution Audio
The Cantata Music Center is also, no question, an High End audio component. It reads CD's and can be connected to an external transport or your laptop or your home network. This unit retains the same multibit ladder DAC and the same basic design as it's predecessor, the Opus 21, it doesn't have many other similarities. If you want to check these out, make a date with us.

Analog Sources

We would love to have the Stabi XL2 with Air Line tonearm ($35499+) to demonstrate but we can only, at this time, show you the Stabi S/ Stogi S combo. Designed and manufactured in Slovenia by Franc Kuzma, it has been in continuous production for more than a decade having been updated to improve the belt used and the bearing assembly. "One of the world's great turntable bargains." as an audio review indicated.

Accessories & Other


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